For any questions regarding club accounting and funding boards, please email:
Reimbursement checks will be available for pick-up only at the SGSM Business Office front desk within 10 business days, once approved. This applies to all clubs/organizations, student governments, student medias, graduate governments, and funding boards.
*Club deposits now accepted in our Business Office*


Welcome to the Student Government Student Media (SGSM) Business Office page. You will find all information regarding finances, budgets, policies, reimbursements, purchasing, and resources to questions you may have. We are happy to assist with finances, policies, and procedures, for clubs, student governments, student medias, funding boards, and departments. If you have any questions, comments, or inquiries, feel free to fill out the SGSM Business Office Contact Form.

There are over 600 registered clubs and organizations at UC Irvine. These clubs and organizations allow for students to engage in groups of their interests to expand their experience as a student. For more information on UCI campus clubs and organizations, click on the link below.

Funding Boards offer financial assistance to clubs for their events and projects. We work with numerous funding boards from different departments that make it a mission to support students and engagement. See the list of funding boards below for more information

We assist with student governments and medias through budget planning, financial advising, and policy assistance. Each student government has their own governing documents so each structure is special and unique. For a list of student governments and medias, see below


Policies are created to provide guidelines for different events and departments on campus. The UC, UCI and SGSM departmental policies are provided for transparency and to answer any questions students may have. Students should read through the policies and procedures on their respective departments for further clarification.


Check requests are used to requests reimbursements from all funding sources. Some reimbursements will require supplemental paperwork. All forms and documents required for student funding and reimbursements are provided below.


Clubs have access to utilize our accounting services to assist with their finances. We offer account reporting, deposits, and fund withdrawals. Our services allow for clubs to receive funds from on campus entities in a fast and easy manner. The Business Office is here to answer financial questions students may have on their finances. All club accounting information can be found using the link below.


Have a question and need answers? Let us help you answer them. We are able to assist students with all questions about clubs, funding boards, student governments, and auxiliary questions. Students are welcome to use our contact form for any questions not answered.


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