Q:  Where do I find my account number?

A:  Clubs– If you have an account number, it will be found on your Campus Groups page under the “Additional Information” section. If you do not see an account number, you are able to open an optional account.

Student Governments– Students should contact their Executive Board or their professional staff to get a list of account numbers.

Funding Boards– Account numbers will be provided via email by the funding board. Students will be given an account number if their application has been approved.

Q:  I submitted a check request recently. How long will it take for me to get my check?

A:  Once a check request is approved, checks will be available for pick-up within 10 business days at the SGSM Business Office front desk during regular business hours.

Q:  I have funds that I need to deposit. Can we transfer funds electronically? Venmo? Paypal?

A:  Due to our unique financial structure, we are unable to allow for clubs to create direct deposit methods into their account. We only offer on-campus or mail-in options for deposit only at this time. For deposit information, please see the club accounting page here: https://studentgov.uci.edu/business-office/club-accounting/.

Q:  Do you offer credit/debit cards to students?

A:  Our office does not offer credit/debit cards to students.

Q:  We want to have a fundraiser and need a tax ID number, can you provide that?

A:  UCI and our office does not provide tax ID numbers to students or to clubs since clubs are not entities of the university. For alternative options and fundraising ideas, please contact the advisers at Campus Organizations for assistance.

Q:  Is the SGSM Business Office open?

A:  SGSM has transitioned to hybrid operations and to speak with a team member is by appointment only. The Business Office front desk is open Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm to pick-up checks. Please contact us via email for any questions at accounting@studentgov.uci.edu or to make an appointment with an SGSM team member, visit: https://studentgov.uci.edu/contact-us/.