Welcome to the Student Government Student Media (SGSM) Human Resources page. You will find all information regarding hiring, UC Path, timesheets, hiring documents, onboarding, payment, and resources to questions you may have.  Use the links to read through information that will be prevalent in your hiring process. For more specific information regarding your position, please find the link below. If you have any questions, comments, or inquiries, feel free to fill out the SGSM Human Resources Contact Form and our Human Resources Manager will contact you directly.

Students who are hired and/or confirmed for the respective position(s) within SGSM will need to be in-process of completing their HR paperwork and university requirements before gaining access to specific items within SGSM related to their position, including, but not limited to: keys, access forms, email. If HR requirements are not completed within a month of the process beginning or the student does not begin the process within one month of the confirmation/hire, access will be revoked until the process is in completion.

All employees are required to complete a mandatory background check/livescan. During the onboarding process, UCI Campus Onboarding will provide you instructions on this process. Fees will be covered by UCI Human Resources.

Once you have been placed in UCPath, you will need to set up your bank information via direct deposit.
In UCPath, access the Direct Deposit page utilizing one of the following paths:

Dashboard Navigation:
Income and Taxes > Direct Deposit

Menu Navigation:
Employee Actions > Income and Taxes > Direct Deposit

UCPath Main Page:
Quick Links > Direct Deposit

UC Path     

If you do not yet have a social security card, please let the HR Manager know once you have been offered the position.  The HR Manager will send you a letter confirming your paid position with SGSM.  You will need to take this letter to the UCI International Center to obtain their signature.  Once approved, you will take this letter and all of your important documents (bring your passport, visa, identification, I-20, and I-94) to the Social Security Administration Office (location of your preference).  You will receive your social security card in the mail approximately two weeks after. Upon receipt, email HR Manager to receive further instructions. Please do not email or send PDF attachment your Social Security Card to the HR Manager.  It is against University policy to send sensitive documents electronically.

If you are an international student, please inform HR Manager. A GLACIER FORM will be provided for you to complete. All international students who will be paid by the University will be required to file for income taxes. GLACIER is an online nonresident tax compliance system that allows UCI to determine the appropriate withholding properly on income paid to non-residents and comply with tax laws.

If you are a graduate student, please let HR Manager know as there are restrictions that SGSM must adhere to with the Office of Graduate Division.

Students who are paid on an hourly rate will be required to submit a timesheet.  You will be paid on a biweekly cycle, every other Wednesday. Visit TRS to view the deadline dates for timesheet submission. Visit the link below.

Employment Eligibility Verification.  Form I-9 verifies the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States. As a paid employee of the University, your I-9 must be completed and approved before SGSM can place you in UCPath to be paid. You will meet with a representative from UCI Campus Onboarding to complete the paperwork.  You will be required to provide original documentation.  A List of Acceptable Documents will be provided to you once you schedule an appointment with UCI Campus Onboarding.  This applies to all US citizens and noncitizens.  
If you were previously on payroll before, you may need to complete the I-9 process again depending on the date of appointment termination.

UCPath is the University of California’s single payroll and benefits system for all UCI employees. This website is a gateway to UCPath Online and UCI’s support center – the Employee Experience Center. It also provides UCPath information, tools and resources for UCI employees and transactional users.

Please click on your appropriate affiliation link below to find out more information about your on-boarding procedures.


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