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Welcome to Student Government Student Media (SGSM):

I will be placing you in UCPath for your paid positions. If you are new to payroll, I will provide your contact information to UCI Campus Onboarding who will reach out to you for the I-9 process. Once you have been approved, I will place you in UCPath. If you currently have an active paid position on campus, I will go ahead and place you in UCPath. You will not need to complete the I-9 process again. For details about I-9, see the main SGSM HR page.

Once you have been entered in UCPath, you must set up your direct deposit – bank information. Please see section under DIRECT DEPOSIT on the main SGSM HR page.  Hourly paid students will be required to submit a timesheet since you will be paid on a biweekly cycle, every other Wednesday. See TIME REPORTING SYSTEMS (TRS) on

If you are an international student, please view the section under INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS.

Before SGSM can pay you, the following requirements must be completed:
1. UCI Campus Onboarding (I-9 Verification; exception if you currently have an active paid position in UCPath)
2. SGSM DocuSign (Criteria Appointment, HR Confidentiality Agreement, and GPA and Student Conduct Agreement)
3. Background Check/Livescan

If you do not receive your scheduled payment(s), please let me know as soon as possible. If you are onboarded at a later date from your effective start date of appointment, you will receive retroactive payment(s) as UCI Campus Onboarding and UCPath approvals may be delayed.

Should you have any questions, please complete the SGSM Human Resources Contact Form at the bottom of the page.

Rocio C. Price
Human Resources Specialist


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